Nature in the Boyne River Watershed

The Purpose of the Boyne Nature section is to provide educational information to area youth and adults alike. Our goal is to provide a field guide to specimens that may be encountered in the Boyne River Watershed and to help define the natural environment in this fascinating and beautiful area. We hope to create awareness of the diversity that surrounds us so that all of us will want to conserve the attributes that make this such a great place to live and to visit.

The information shown here is compiled by a group of amateurs that do considerable research to assure accuracy. If we show a photograph without a caption, it means that we are still working on the identification. If you can help with the identification please contact us. Also, if we have mislabeled a specimen, please let us know. The information here will grow in volume and accuracy over time but it will never be completed. There will always be something new to be found.