Suzie Dickow at Camp Daggett, May 14, 2015

Suzie Dickow at Camp Daggett, May 14, 2015

The FoBR’s education committee, co-chaired by Candy Green and Suzie Dickow, strives to integrate environmental education into the community and schools. They teach local children about river flora/fauna, how to keep the river healthy, about invasive species that threaten the river, about river hydrology and how to safely enjoy the river. 

~ Each spring, they teach edible plants and plant folklore to 6th graders in Boyne City and other local schools, including how to recognize flowers and fish, doing art activities and about the FoBR.

~ In May, they join local school groups on a Beaver Island ferry to experience Lake Charlevoix aboard the boat. FoBR volunteers teach about the lake, alien water invaders, lake monitoring, water tables, coast guard lifesaving, and more.

~ They present a lesson as part of the Boyne District Library Adventure Club which is a summer program to local elementary students about local nature.

~ The committee encourages groups to meet at the Boyne River Nature Area and will give guided workshops in the summer.

~ The FoBR awards $1,000 in tuition monies annually to local students living within our watershed and who are focused on college level environmental studies.

~ Future Plans include presenting Earth Day activities in local schools and presenting our scholarship information at the local college night.

To get involved with the committee, call Candy Greene 231-582-2434.