Gary Osterbeck

Gary Osterbeck

Gary Osterbeck has undertaken the daunting task of creating photographic slide shows, compete with music, of the entire Boyne River.  The project will be in four phases: the North Branch, Moyer Creek (a tributary to the South Branch), the South Branch and the Boyne River at large.  The North Branch,  Moyer Creek and South Branch phases of the project have been completed and are posted on YouTube where they can be viewed by clinking below (best viewed in full screen mode with a picture quality of 720p resolution):


The slide shows beautifully depict and describe various sections of the North and South Branches and indicate which sections of the river and its tributaries are located in the various nature preserves administered by  the Little Traverse Conservancy (and, therefore, accessible by the public).  Also, check out these videos Gary took of the Cafelli Falls on the North Branch (click on the highlighted words):

North Branch

Moyer Creek Falls on the South Branch (south of Boyne Mountain on the east side of US 131):

Moyer Creek

Creamer Creek, which flows into the North Branch at the Springbrook Bridge:

Creamer Creek

Two upstream from the dam near Dam Road:

Upstream 1
Upstream 2

One of Gary’s “secret” spot:

Secret Spot

The electric power dam on September 10, 2015 after a heavy rain:


and another upstream rapids:


Our sincere thanks to Gary for giving everyone the chance to experience our beautiful Boyne River from any place, at any time, and we are looking forward to his completion of the last phase of his project, the Boyne River at large, which should be done in the near future.