Koz’s Corner


(We are fortunate to have Brian “Koz” Kosminski, owner of True North Trout, as a contributing member of The Friends of the Boyne River. Koz is a fishing guide extraordinaire and brings a wealth of river information to our organization. Check out Koz’s website at truenorthtrout.com.)

August 26th 2017 – Salmon run has begun! Anglers in rivers along the Lake Michigan shoreline report that this year’s run is larger than previous runs.  This is due to a couple of factors.  The DNR reduced Chinook stocking numbers since 2012, and that allowed for a rebound in alewife populations, giving this year’s stock something to forage.  The same age fish is close to 20 lbs. rather than 10 lbs. and is much healthier, although fewer.

Be considerate when angling on the Boyne River of other anglers, giving them space and leaving nothing but memories and taking only photos.  Special regulations on the Boyne from the dam to the mouth allow for only one single-pointed, unweighted hook, no larger than 3/8ths of an inch from point to shank.  Be safe, have fun and get out on the river.