Mission Statement

The purpose of the Friends of the Boyne River is to improve and conserve the  environmental health and recreational quality of the Boyne River and its watershed.

About Us

Friends of the Boyne River is a nonprofit, nongovernmental, local corporation organized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, “to maintain the environmental quality of the Boyne River and its watershed,” as directed in its By-Laws, by:

  1. Protecting the water quality.
  2. Preserving and restoring the aesthetic value and character of the watershed.
  3. Informing and educating the public about the corporation’s activities and about issues involving the Boyne River watershed.
  4. Promoting wise resource management on public and private lands within the watershed.
  5. Pursuing broad-based support of the corporation’s activities.
  6. Facilitating the coordination of the policies and actions of the various individuals, groups, and agencies affecting the environment within the watershed.

In pursuit of these goals the corporation has been involved in numerous activities in the course of its business, including but not limited to:

  1. Initiating and pursuing legal action against the Michigan Department of  Environmental Quality to prevent the discharge of wastewater effluent from Boyne City’s new wastewater treatment facility into the Boyne River.
  2. Organizing groups to clean up the banks of the Boyne River.
  3. Completing a bank stabilization project on the heavily fished waters down-stream from Boyne USA’s hydroelectric dam.
  4. Undertaking a large erosion control and bank stabilization project along the river bank in Old City Park in downtown Boyne City. The project includes access to the river featuring stairs and a canoe/kayak launch. This project will be used as an educational demonstration site showing that native plants look beautiful as well as control erosion.
  5. Controlling invasive purple loosestrife by physical removal and the release of beetles that feed exclusively on purple loosestrife.
  6. Granting a yearly scholarship to a college student studying the biological sciences.
  7. Organizing river kayaking and canoeing excursions.
  8. Participating in educational programs with Tip of the Mitt and Camp Daggett.
  9. Presenting educational and informational programs at general membership meetings.
  10. Studying water flow and chemical composition of the river and identifying invertebrate populations in the river.
  11. Organizing walks along the river to identify and enjoy the trees, birds, flowers, and other wildlife that live on or near the river.
  12. Organizing “Rambles” to parts of the river’s watershed to view areas needing attention or that have enjoyed restoration.  Rambles are usually followed with refreshments.

The membership of the Friends of the Boyne River is broad based and includes organizations as well as individuals and families. This reflects the fact that the organization has many activities and appeals to a wide range of interests, and the activities follow rapidly one after another.  A look around at a current board meeting finds individuals with  interests in geology, ornithology, kayaking, bike riding, gardening, fishing, alternative energy, and education.  It is an excellent organization for an individual to join to promote his or her environmental interests.  Anyone with environmental appreciation is welcome to participate.