Your membership is important to us!   We hope that you will join or renew your membership to help us protect the high water quality in the Boyne River. The Boyne is very healthy and our highest goal is to keep it that way!  If you are already a member, we hope that you will stay with us!

Here are some recent highlights:

*Line 5 Resolution – “Think globally, act locally”  FoBR asked for and got a resolution from the Boyne City Commission opposing Enbridge, Inc.’s Line 5.  Their 63 year old pipeline is located under the Straits of Mackinac.  It carries 23 million gallons of oil and petroleum products daily, and major safety concerns about corrosion and structural issues are at hand.

*Our group meetings have been informative and entertaining.   Jon Mauchmar, of Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians, discussed tribal plans for meeting climate change challenges.  Bryan Shumaker, shared knowledge and photos of the night sky.    Teresa and Michael McGill presented wildlife photography and videography from Seney Wildlife Refuge in the UP.  Steven Brede of Petoskey shared experiences of paddling all 5 Great Lakes.  Mary Trout shared her knowledge of fall bird migration.  Tom Clement’s presentation was about managing the threat of invasive plant species.  Jennifer McKay gave an informative presentation on pipeline safety.

*River updates.  Participated in Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council’s Stream Monitoring and data intake program, as well as an experimental crowd hydrology river flow data collection program.

Also participated in the Summer River Sweep to pick up trash from the Boyne River, conducted Nature Area education classes, addressed river pollution caused by use of water balloons as part of 4th July celebrations, and did new plantings in our Nature Area.

See our website,, for continual updates on our group and activities.

Your annual membership begins in January 2018.

Please return an application with a check made out to Friends of the Boyne River (FoBR) and mail to FoBR, PO Box 186, Boyne City MI 49712-0186