Toxic Wild Parsnip (pastina sativa) The wild parsnip, while beautiful, is a dangerous Eurasion invasive plant found in Michigan. Growing 60-200 cm (2-7 feet) high with bright yellow flowers in June and July, it beckons unassuming folks to cut blossoms.The plant contains chemicals in the sap of leaves, stems and flowers. It causes painful skin rashes, burns and blisters, especially in the presence of sunlight (photo dermatitis) and discolors skin. Seek medical attention.  wildparsnip[1]It is typically found around ponds, lakes, rivers, lakeshores, the edge of forests and fields.The Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council urges us to report aquatic invasive species. Wild parsnip is on their priority list. Email or call 231-330-5928 for reporting details. If possible, use cell phone GPS to note longitude and latitude.