The Boyne River Watershed

The watershed is defined as the land and water area upon which all of the precipitation drains into the Boyne River and then into Lake Charlevoix.  It is bounded by a line that represents the highest points of land that divide the waters draining  into the Boyne River from the waters that drain into the surrounding watersheds.

The watershed concept is an excellent way to manage the natural resources in a given area.  Flowing water is the link that ties everything together.  As water drains down hill from point to point erupting as springs or flowing into tiny streams and then into tributaries and finally into the North Branch, the South Branch and the Main Stream it is used over and over again by all living things in the watershed.  It is obvious that pure clean water will support great biodiversity.  It is also obvious that if the water upstream in the watershed becomes polluted it will adversely affect all of the living things, including humans, that live downstream.

For these reasons the Friends of the Boyne River have included the entire watershed in our mission statement.  To properly look after the environmental health of the Boyne River we must also look after all of the lands in the watershed and advocate for best management practices.  Careful planning and consideration of our natural resources will preserve the high quality of life enjoyed by everyone.