Wild Flowers
The clean clear water flowing in Michigan rivers produces perfect habitats for the exuberant growth of wildflowers on the damp flood plains, the shaded slopes, and the dry sandy fields spreading away from the riverbed. A steady progression of wildflowers marches through the seasons from ice-out until freeze-up. Dozens of different flowers will appear at their time throughout the year so frequent observations of the same areas are required to appreciate them all. Some will show for only a few days. Others persist for weeks. They range from brashly bold to delicately discreet. All that is necessary to enjoy them is to be willing to drive slowly and to get out of the car as new specimens appear. The vast majority of wildflowers will grow well in the ditches and on the slopes along the roadside. Thrashing through the underbrush is rarely necessary to see excellent samples. A good field guide with colored photos will improve your enjoyment. Using a camera you can build a collection of these sturdy determined wonders.

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