2014 Holiday Party

Yes, it’s already time for the Friends of the Boyne River Holiday Party.  Suzie Dickow has, yet again, graciously agreed to have the potluck party at her home on December 12th, starting 6:00 p.m.  Please bring your choice of beverage and a dish to pass. FoBR will provide plates, utensils, etc.  The address is 848 State St., Boyne City.  If you don’t know where that is, call Suzie at 582-0156 or any FoBR member. We always have a great time, so we hope to see you there!

Kennedy Elected President of FoBR

2014-15 Officers






2014-2015 Executive Committee (l to r) Ed Strzelinski, Marie Sheets, Adam Kennedy (newly elected president), Nancy Cunningham, Bob Greene and out-going president Carl Wehner.

The Friends of the Boyne River Board of Directors have elected officers for the 2014-2015 term.  Adam Kennedy, Boyne City, is the new president.  Re-elected for another term are: Marie Sheets, Vice- President; Bob Greene, Treasurer; Nancy Cunningham, Secretary; and Ed Strzelinski, Executive Committee Member at large.  Outgoing president Carl Wehner said, “I want to thank everyone on the board.  You’ve shown nothing but support and encouragement for the past two years.” The board acknowledged out-going board members Darryl Parrish and Suzie Dickow for their hard work and collaboration on many fronts.

At the FoBR annual meeting in August, Michael Ryan was elected to the Board.  He joins current members: Mark Contrucci, Mike Durbin, Candy Greene, Steve Sawyer, Jerry Swift and Carl Wehner.

Boyne River Photo Project

Gary Osterbeck has undertaken the daunting task of creating photographic slide shows, compete with music, of the entire Boyne River.  The project will be in four phases: the North Branch, Moyer Creek (a tributary to the South Branch), the South Branch and the Boyne River at large.  The North Branch and the Moyer Creek phases of the project have been completed and are posted on YouTube, where they can be viewed by clinking on these two links: for the North Branch –, and for Moyer Creek –  The slide shows beautifully depict and describe various sections of the North Branch and Moyer Creek and indicate which sections of the river and its tributaries are located in the various nature preserves administered by  the Little Traverse Conservancy (and, therefore, accessible by the public).  Our sincere thanks to Gary for giving everyone the chance to experience our beautiful Boyne River from any place, at any time, and we are looking forward to his completion of the South Branch phase of the project which should be done in the near future.

FoBR Scholarship Awarded

Every year the Scholarship Committee of the Friends of the Boyne River picks a deserving student who is going to make a career in an environmental field to receive the Marie Zoberski Friends of the Boyne River Scholarship.  The money we use for this comes from Marie who donated the funds to the FoBR when she died.  In the past we have supported students who were going to be conservation officers, water quality specialists, civil engineers and in other environmental fields.  So far, they are all employed in an environmentally related field and are doing well.

This year the Scholarship Committee (Marie Sheets, Mark Contrucci and Nancy Cunningham, chair) picked Margaret Durbin.  Margaret graduated from Boyne City High School and is now in her second year in the Lyman Briggs College at Michigan State University, where she is studying Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Bioenergy.   She hopes to use her education to improve the environment.  In the meantime, as part of one of classes, she been taking water samples from the Red Cedar for testing.

FoBR Quick River Updates

  • Boyne River Has CrowdHydrology Monitoring!  Check out the new “CrowdHydrology” page under “The River” tab above and become a Boyne River scientist!
  • Purple Loostrife is Back on the River!  If you happened to look last fall, there were a lot of the dreaded invasive Purple Loosestrife on the river around the millpond – especially on the side close to Riverside Park where the water is shallow.  Obviously, the beetles that Nancy Cunningham released six years ago have died out.  That happens when the beetles eat all the loosestrife (which is good for us), but bad for the beetles, since they  have no food left.  When Nancy recently got an email from the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council saying they were going to order some of the loosestrife eating beetles and wanted to know if the Friends needed any, she said,”Yes!” (This was a much easier way of getting them than wading around in Spring Lake trying to catch beetles while standing in hip deep water and struggling to get though the muck!)  After getting approval from the City, Nancy picked up the beetles from the Watershed Council, kept them dormant in her refrigerator and then, with the help of Marie Sheets and Mark Contrucci, released them in Riverside Park.  Go Beetles!
  • Watch Out For Meth Lab Waste!  The Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council has put out an alert regarding meth lab waste which is now being found along rivers in northern Michigan.  Such waste is highly toxic and very dangerous to people who encounter it.  To read the flyer, click on the “The River” tab above and scroll down to the “Meth Lab Waste” heading.
  • Put Your Pills in the Pod!  The Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council has embarked upon a media and education campaign to raise awareness about the Northern Michigan Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drug Drop-off (POD) Program.  The POD program is an environmentally sound way for residents to properly dispose of medications.  By participating in the program you will help keep our lakes, rivers and drinking water clean and our communities and families safe.  Click here for a flyer with collection dates and locations, including one in Boyne City this fall.
  • The Boyne River Sparkles!  As a result of the 2014 Northern Michigan River Sweep, the Boyne River, under the leadership of Michael Ryan with his FoBR volunteers, is much cleaner.  (See the summary of the event under the “Activities” tab above.)  For those who missed the opportunity to participate we will keep you updated as dates and times are set for next year’s event.

FoBR Nature Area Project Nears Completion

The Boyne River Nature Area should be finished by the end of the summer.  There have been delays in finishing the project due to storm water problems in the east end of the Industrial Park last summer, last fall and currently. These storm water problems have impacted the ravine going down to the wetland part of the Nature Area.  After a rain, the ravine is severely eroded and there is a small lake at the bottom of the ravine. The part of the Nature Area that is by the river is finished.  You can walk on the pathway, go down the stairs, walk on the boardwalks and enjoy the river views. The problem is getting down the ravine. The City of Boyne City has been working to repair the damage, but it just reoccurs. The businesses close to the Nature Area also have flooding problems.  The City’s Industrial Park group has been meeting and discussing the problem and they have directed their engineering company, C2AE, to make a plan for solving the water problems.  In the meantime, the Nature Area project was placed “on hold” waiting to see the outcome of the engineering plan.  That has changed.  City Manager Mike Cain has approved proceeding with the Nature Area project and assured us that the city will not damage the Nature Area while solving the water problems. Nancy Cunningham has been talking with R&B Excavating and Bayko Concrete and the parking area work is scheduled for late June.  The signs are being worked on right now at the Woodshop.  Harbor House is working on the brochure for the Nature Area.  The landscape work will be started right after the parking area is finished.  Members of Boyne Valley Garden Club, as well as the Friends of the Boyne River, will be helping with the planting. We will have a dedication party in late August or early September to publicize the opening of the Boyne River Nature Area – at last!

A New Path to the River

Our River Path Engineer

For more Nature Area info, click the Activities tab above and then navigate to the Boyne Nature Area Project

Next Directors Meeting

The January Board of Directors Meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 28, 2015, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:45 p.m. in the Conference Room of the Boyne District Library.  The public is welcome.


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